Feeling Classy in a Maxi!

The other week my sister was in town visiting and as we made our way down to dinner she made an interesting comment to me. I was wearing one of my favorite and seriously the mosssssst comfortable leopard print maxi dress from Eloquii and she was like I could never wear a maxi dress like that, you are rocking it! Well, thanks sis! On the other hand it started to make me think about who else that may be out there that is not sold on the maxi dress trend.

Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

Her reasoning was understandable, she felt like the ones she has tried on made her look like she was casting for Season 2 of Little House on the Prairie…Prairie Life 2.0…I imagine that is what the reboot would be called. Which I can totally understand her on this! If a maxi is not made with just the right material or cut around the neckline, yes it can give off those vibes.

Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

I will have to be honest it did take me a bit to come around to this trend. When I initially started wearing maxi dresses I felt like I was really overdressed for the more casual occasions I would wear them to. Maybe I equivalated maxi dresses to gowns and gowns you wear for formal events because the length is touching the floor? Oh how the brain works in magical ways to trick you! In reality maxi dresses are the perfect in between for when you don’t want to be rocking leggings, but you also are not wanting to slip on that dress you usually save for your girls nights out. Maxi’s can give you that comfort while giving you that stylish touch. With that being said…it is all about the right ones though. So I did a round up of Eloquii pick’s that I love but the advice I give on each can apply to anyone at any size:

High Slits– This is a must on maxi dresses! A high slit on a maxi can break up the material a bit on the bottom to give you a bit more flow. Also, perfect to pop that little leg out if you happen to take a group pic with your friends…va va voooom!

Wrap Dress– A wrap dress style maxi can give you that perfect neckline. Dresses that have a higher neckline or mock neck can give you that constricting feel. Shows a little, but not too much…perfect balance!

Print or no print?– The reason why you may feel overwhelmed by maxi dresses is because you are slipping into the loudest print! Now I am all about prints, but maybe just start with a basic and incorporate in some simple gold accessories and you are good to go!

Are you on the maxi trend train? Or are you getting off at the next stop? Tell me tell me!



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    October 1, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I can’t pull off a maxi dress either. It just doesn’t look right on my body type so not quite convinced yet Cath to take the plunge.

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