Fashun Chronicles Ep. 2 & 3 Recap!

Inhale and exhallleeeeeeeeeeeeee…this has literally been my motto these past 2 weeks since I am so AMPED about posting 2 new episodes of the Fashun Chronicles Podcast! It has been a whirlwhind of fun and also a HUGE learning curve. I am over here like, wait what is the difference between importing and exporting? What is a track? What is my password? Never to old to learn something new! Next up…tap dancing…kidding, but now I think I may look into it! Move over Shirley Temple there is a new gal in town!

Anywayssssss…you can now catch new episodes of my podcast on Mondays and Thursdays and Fridays here on the blog you can catch recaps of the episodes just in case you missed it or want to shop the links of the pieces I talk about. Also, I feel like fashion is so visual so keeping my blog around to give you guys that experience I think will be super duper! Oh and the voicemail feature for you to leave a message with your fashion emergency that I will play and answer on the podcast is ready and waiting for you! Just dial 443-333-8795! Ok so here are the segements you missed…

Style Challenge

So on Monday we chatted about how the week before I was doing a lot of travel for work and I am trying to sweet talk you all into sporting a jumpsuit on your next flight. I am all about that not overpacking life and if you find the right jumpsuit that gives you the right level of comfort you can sport it with a cozy sweater, jean or cargo jacket and comfy slip ons and when you exit stage left off the plane just a quick dose of deodorant, spritz of dry shampoo, some lipstick, heels and a pair of statement earrings and you are ready to hit the town! So not only are we staying efficient on having our time well spent on not trying to figure out what to wear, you are also saving room in your luggage while staying comfy. Now the one I always wear by Ava and Viv at Target is no longer on the website, but I found an amazing alternative, click the link!

Brand of the Week

Was so excited to have Navabi be the first brand shout out of my podcast! This Germany based brand has been such a pleasure to work with and I love that their collection feels very true to size. Also, I am all about having looks and styles that can fit anyone’s taste. Like this retro dream that I have been wearing on repeat this fall!


Now this was a bit more of a humorous segment where we chatted about how hilarious it is to see people walk around airports with their actual neck pillows around their necks. Am I jealous since my neck is so thick that the pillow would literally fall off?? Maybe…actually yes very much so. Now I challenge you to count how many people you see rocking this potential trend in the airport and who knows you may see it on the runways of NYFW…you never know!

Accounts to follow

I am inspired on the daily by sooooo many accounts on Instagram and it is amazing to be connected to creatives across the world! I gave a shoutout in this segment to one of the original Fashun Chroniclers, Dani of Blonde in the District and also to Arielle Lewis for shooting my brand photos! These women are so inspiring and pushed me to start this podcast journey…could not have done this without them!

Fashion Win/Fail of the Week

Went outside my fashion comfort zone and sported a turtleneck and also failed with wearing suede in the rain. Listen to all the cringe worthy details on this segment, which I am sure many of you can relate to!

Whats Happening in the DMV?

I popped over to the Everlane pop up denim bar in Georgetown this week, which was hosted by the stunning and oh so stylish Sylvia of @simplysylviadc it was like a fit shop style where you can try on jeans and purchase to be shipped to you or you could buy in store as well! Totally affordable, but I will say make sure you size up because there is not a whole lot of stretch, but with that being said it was such great quality of denim that is definitely built to last…ok I think I took that last line out of a truck commercial lol! Also popped into the Harpers Bazaar X Longchamp X Connoisseur event where the champagne was flowing and the new La Voyageuse Collection was stunning with a capital S!!!!

Style Tip

How to wear a dress as a blouse…is this magic you ask? Nope just busting out those knot tieing skills you learned in Girl Scouts!

Of course we wrap up each show with answering questions from Instagram and voicemails! I love hearing from you guys and I can’t wait to keep this fashun train rolling! Love you all and stay fashunable darrrrrrrrrlings…

You can also listen to each episode below and don’t forget you can also listen to my episodes on the Apple Podcast App and also on Spotify!

Fashun Chronicles- Episode 2
Fashun Chronicles- Episode 3



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