Feeling Fa-boo-lous! Episode 4 & 5 Recap!

What…a…week! I am filled to the brim with candy and regret, but dang it was a perfect Halloween week! Let’s be honest Halloween is never just one day. It is the week before week after and why not work those costumes into a themed party next month.

Before we dive into the Fashun Chronicles podcast episode recap I didn’t get a chance to chat with you guys about my Instagram post that I posted on Halloween of Dani and I re-enacting the Lucy & Ethel chocolate factory scene shot by the amazingly talented, Arielle Lewis!

When Dani mentioned that she wanted to do some sort of girlfriend duo photoshoot I feel like we immediately shouted out LUCY & ETHEL! Now I want to take a bit of a deeper dive into this. As we started chatting about this duo it really got us reflecting on the personalities of each character and how appropriate it was that Dani was Lucy then me…Ethel…the one that says randomn funny thoughts she has in her head that Lucy will just give her a look like “girl what?!”, but they experience fun everyday adventures together which is also accurate for us! It was so much fun and thank you to everyone who commented and shared our work, love love love youuuuuu!

Ok so here is what you missed on this weeks episodes of the podcast…

Brand of the Week– You may remember my giveaway that I did with the STUNNING collection of hand-made leather bags, Sister Epic! Adrienne the owner is such a gem and her taste is impeccable…even when she is wearing Crocs.

What’s Trending– Speaking of Crocs we discuss my thoughts about this trend creeping back into our lives and I share my own tragic experience with crocs too…you will have a chuckle.

Fashion Inspo– Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen & Mya of More than your Average

Fashion Win & Fail of the Week– Honestly, there were not a whole lot of wins besides showing up for the day and dressing my best so that is a win! Fails included me planning an epic costume for Halloween only to have my procrastinating ways hold me back!

DMV Events– Stopped into the fabulous Timur of @timurdc & @designingthedistrict influencer party he threw at Beetlehouse, the Beetlejuice bar! The décor is epic, drinks are on point, and the performers…I mean there was a sword swallower…I have no words you must check it out because it is year round!

Big congrats to my girl Dani who celebrated her 5 year Blogiversary at one of my favorite spots, the Peoples Drug in Old Town, Alexandria. Dani was my first friend in this blogging community and through her I have been connected to so many other amazing creatives that I am so happy to call friends. Ok Im not crying…your crying!

Style Tip of the Week– Always planning last minute costumes like me? Well, always keep a super duper statement piece in your closet. Like pieces with sequins, metallic, neon colors so when the time comes and you need to throw a costume together you aren’t spending a ton of money last minute!

Don’t forget you can catch new episodes of the Fashun Chronicles podcast every Monday & Thursday! Have a fashion emergency and need advice?! Call into the Fashun Chronicles Hotline at 443-333-8795 or you can email me at contactme@fashunchronicles.com or send me a direct message on Instagram at @fashunchronicles_ Listen to the episodes on the Apple Podcast App or Spotify!

Stay FASHUNable Darlingsssssss!



Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

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