Sick & No Caffeine…but we still make it FASHUN! Ep. 8 & 9 Recap!

Well, as is in life things are not always perfect! I will be giving you guys two episodes per week on Monday & Thursdays, but I am realizing it is hard for me to get a blog post up on Fridays…so Saturdays it is! I still have the blog because sometimes I talk about looks on the podcast and if you guys wanted to shop them you can just hop, skip and a jump right over here to find the links! I know you guys this is riveting groundbreaking news, but now that we are alllllll on the same page…come back here every Saturday for a new post!

OK!!!!!! Now what did we cover over the last two episodes of the Fashun Chronicles podcast? Well, for starters on Tuesday I almost hacked up a lung on air so that was super CUTE (not) and Thursday we chatted about how I want ALL of my hairdressers shoes…which keep reading for more on that. So let’s chat about our segments:

Brand of the Week– Meet ASOS! You guys will see me sporting this brand a lot when I am in NY for New York Fashion Week. They offer super unique and stylish choices that are at a super affordable price. Like the cover photo, yes that yellow fringe dream is ASOS! I wanted to link this piece, but looks like it is no longer available, so click here for a super cute option that is similar!

What’s Trending– White boots! Ok so at first when I saw tried this trend I felt like a 1998 olympic figure skater, but now that I found the right pair from ASOS actually, I am hooked! So the ones I chat about in the episode are out of stock but here is a fabulous alternative!

Who to Follow– So we met over Instagram and bonded over our love of the Chicago White Sox! Meet Alex of @sassyconfetti This girl knows all the hot spots for food and drink in Chicago, has amazing style, and will literally make you laugh till you cry on her Instagram stories, go follow her!

Fashion Win & Fail of the Week– WIN was when I was changing over my closet for the fall/winter I didn’t have as many pieces I needed to change over like I do every year. I was super conscious about purchasing dresses for examples that I can wear from spring to fall for example with just the addition of tights and a leather moto jacket and boots. Minimalist…but not really…but trying.

Fail was all about how hard I am on my boots! The scuff marks and worn out heels are very real. I think it is time to invest in a higher quality boot! Like these PS Kaufman boots my hairdresser Sandra is always rocking!

Whats the Scoop– Barneys is closing! Sidenote, I have never been into or can afford Barneys…but it got me thinking about how I am going to miss the in person shopping experience since all these stores are closing!

Style Tip of the Week– Chatting about how to keep your sweaters in tip top shape and all you need is a disposable razor! Confused? Well, have a listen to see what the heck I am talking about!

Don’t forget you can catch new episodes of the Fashun Chronicles podcast every Monday & Thursday! Have a fashion emergency and need advice?! Call into the Fashun Chronicles Hotline at 443-333-8795 or you can email me at contactme@fashunchronicles.com or send me a direct message on Instagram at @fashunchronicles_ Listen to the episodes on the Apple Podcast App or Spotify!

Stay FASHUNable Darlingsssssss!



Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

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