What to wear for a professional headshot!

At my full-time job we recently had a chance to get some professional headshots done! It was about time because my LinkedIn profile picture kind of makes me cringe when I look back at it. I totally had this hands on hips power stance with a look that I will probably retire. Oh and of course it was in an awkwardly dim outside space with lighting that did nothing for me shot on an Iphone 4.

After the professional photoshoot was done it really was refreshing to have a photo that I really felt like a boss lady! Now leading up to this process was a bit of a stressful situation the morning of the shoot. Well, for starters my hair definitely has its good days and its bad. When it’s bad it is frizzy, flat on top and fluffy on the bottom, or just is not curling the way I want. It is like taming a lion every morning at times. Then makeup is a whole other animal in itself too. Luckily, I have a ton of friends who are the makeup gurus who can give me all the tips and tricks I need to look like I know what I’m doing. Then it boiled down to what to wear.

At first, I was like ok I have no idea what I am doing with hair and makeup, but clothes I can do! Well, it was a bit more overwhelming than I thought! I didn’t want to do something too loud in print, but also I don’t really own a lot of pieces that are solid colors. What I wanted the photo to represent was a mix of having the photo professionally represent me, but still have my clothing choice express my creativity and personality. So I decided to do a blazer from Ellos that was a mix of a traditional look, but a spin on it with dark florals. I kept it minimal on the jewelry because the jacket spoke for itself! Since my experience was last minute and just thrown together I decided to do the work for you guys on my suggested pieces to wear when you have your next professional headshot. I think that Ellos has the perfect selection of pieces for everyone and to express their unique style. What did you wear the last time you took a headshot? Share it with me!



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