Why I Wore Red!

Let’s pretend that we have flashed back to yesterday…Friday…more specifically morning time and you are reading this post since it was technically Wear Red Day or amongst the other hashtags you may have seen #GoRedForWomen #NationalWearRedDay and so on. If you haven’t heard these lil gems then head over to the American Heart Association website and learn more! Basically it is a campaign for the month of February to raise awareness for women specifically on how to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and to save lives!

Now heart health is something that I do hold near and dear to my own heart since I have had someone I love very dearly deal with their own personal journey with heart health. If you would like to hear about it, please reach out to me I would be happy to share one on one. Well, that is not what this post is all about today, but more about the stories that we may not know or see through the lense of a perfectly filtered life on Instagram. Lately I really have appreciated how very real and honest the women I have been following are with their own feelings just in everyday life, personal struggles or successes, and more.

Well, since the Wear Red Day campaign is all about women I wanted to be more intentional about being a better support to my fellow woman. So I wanted to throw this out into the universe to you all. If you have an upcoming project that you are excited about, a new collaboration, or you are throwing an event, let me know! Each day this month I am going to highlight a blogger or just inspirational friends that you need to be following. On the flip side if you are just having a hard couple of months with whatever personal struggles you may have and just need those positive prayers and vibes let me know that too! You don’t have to share them with me if you are not comfortable with it, but just a “Hey Cath, ugh I’m just not feeling like myself lately” just that and I can make an intentional moment to send you the positive thoughts you may oh so need. Now I know that is not much, but I will tell you when I went through a rough year just a simple hug from a friend really could turn my day around. Share with me what you do to support friends and fellow woman! Would love more ideas on how I can be a better cheerleader for you all since you all have done so much for me!



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