New York New Yoooooork!

After a bit of debate I have decided that I am going to go to New York Fashion Week again this year! When I am bored on a flight or in a waiting room sometimes I will watch some of the videos I took during the runways shows that I was so blessed to be able to attend twice. No joke, it all felt very surreal that it happened! It was such a go, go, go experience that I felt like I didn’t have a moment to just like take a breath, look around, and be like holy moly I am in NY at an official NYFW runway show! Tell that to my 16 year old self who would drool over fashion magazines, collage my wall with models in elegant dresses and jewels, and had a love for playing dress up with my grandmas old Avon jewelry.  I would have said you are insane in the membrane, that will never happen to me!

It was nice to feel after a year of intense emotional situations that I was dealing with and feeling like I was spiraling it was amazing to feel like I was tipping to the top of the rollercoaster again. Well, buckle up ladies and gentleman because there will be a heck of a lot of NYFW content coming your way next month.

For this post we are chatting about what was one of the many things that I learned during the weekend I attended. Ohhhh the amazing and semi-stressful world of outfit planning. The first year that I went I truly had no idea what to expect. When planning our days and outfits I felt like I was so intimidated by the idea that I will be around so many style icons and fashion forward folks… good lord I was not going to survive! So I went with pieces that were in my comfort zone. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the pieces I selected, but I learned quickly what NFYW was all about over that weekend.

Well, year #2 I tried to turn it up a bit with a mix of fishnets, faux fur jackets, and wearing a bold lip which at the time I didn’t wear that often.  What I also loved about the street style is that I seriously could not tell if something someone was wearing was designer or maybe they just picked it up online on sale for $10. It is all about the creative ways you style pieces and wear it with confidence. So for those of you that are attending Fashion Week for the first time, take my advice, it is not about the label you are wearing. So before you start going broke before you even get there ordering pieces just because of the name…take a step back. Ask yourself…

  1. Is this piece still staying true to who I am?
  2. Am I taking my style to the creative next level, while still staying within my budget?
  3. Does it give you joy? This one is tricky because it is healthy to try and avoid having physical items give you happiness, thank you Marie Kondo. In this case we can just make it part of the experience of your NYFW adventure!

These sound like silly questions, but outfit planning can kind of put you in a tizzy. Final words, try not to compare yourself to anyone else, be you…because you are gorgeous darling! See you in NY!



Photo Credit- Preethi Rajaguru

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