Self-Conscious Chronicles- “that one top”

In this edition of Self-Conscious Chronicles we are chatting about “that one top.” We all know this top too well. We want to wear it because you know you will feel fierce in it, but you just can’t style it the right way to feel 100% in it.  Well, to understand what I mean lets take a trip down memory lane to NYFW last year.

 I packed this little scarf top beauty from Boo Hoo with the intentions of wearing it with a high waisted tulle skirt. As I am sure you have all experienced sometimes how we envision something looking in our head is no where near how it actually is. Although I absolutely adore the pattern, cut, and style of this piece I felt like no matter what I paired it with I just couldn’t get comfortable.

I attempted high waisted jeans, joggers, skirts, shorts, almost even attempted a pair of bathing suit bottoms…just kidding.  I finally narrowed it down to what it was. The way it is styled online has the appearance of like a long sleeve bikini top. Really random way to describe it, but you know what I mean.

In my head I really wanted to feel comfortable with this look, but I really had a hard time coming around with it. So in conclusion I think everyone should try this style because it does make you feel super fierce while still feeling chic. Then again if you just try and try and just can’t seem to get a piece feeling right its ok…just restyle it!

I was determined to wear this piece this year so here you go friends! I definitely recommend incorporating into your closet a lace shell like I have pictured underneath the top, which is from Ellos. Light in weight and can layer well under tons of pieces like maxi dresses or tanks you want to transition into cooler weather or even on its own with a bralette and leather jacket. I want to make this a space to always encourage you guys to dress outside of your comfort zones and to express yourself, but sometimes just styling looks different ways does the job too!

What piece of clothing in your closet are you going to restyle and hit the streets with this weekend?!



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    January 26, 2019 at 3:51 am

    I love the way you remixed the top. It looks great. And I have a cropped boohoo sweater that I love but not on me. I’m working on the courage to wear it.

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