Red or Teal…what’s the deal?

So I decided to give you guys a break from my overload of NYFW Instagram posts and stories…what a weekend! Stay tuned though for a lil recap of the runway shows I saw, what I wore, and also tales about how fishnets in 20 degree weather is never a good idea, but dang it looks so good with so many looks!

To be honest I am not much into Valentines Day, but I mean don’t get me wrong I am always down for a Galentine’s Day hang out! The one part of Valentines Day that I do enjoy the most is seeing you guys all rocking one of my favorite colors…red! I am over here like finally I am getting overloaded with all of these lovely ladies and gents rocking different shades of red, pairing with mint and pink, and yes this makes me very very happy to see. Most of the time I hear some of my followers, friends, or even people I follow say that they want to pull of red, but they don’t think they can.

For those nay sayers of rocking red I did a round up of some of my favorite fashion bloggers bringing it with red accessories, dresses, skirts, and more to give you a boost of inspiration on my Instagram (@dreamyrealist_).

Now the second half of this post is a bit different. For those of you who are staying true to yourself and cannot get on this color trend then let’s explore some alternatives for whatever plan you may have for Valentines or Galentine’s Day, whichever you prefer to celebrate. Now I know a great go to is the little black dress, but my eye has been drawn to a different shade lately, teal green. I wore this teal green Furla bag from Rent the Runway all weekend and it was such a dream since it matched perfectly with shades of orange, red, pink, purples, and the list of the rainbow goes on. Check out my roundup of looks you can shop with the links below!

Hope everyone has LOVEly week!



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