Say Hello to your Solemate!

I was driving somewhere the other day…no joke it is so true how you feel like you lose all sense of time and such during the days between Christmas and NYE…I don’t even remember where I was driving. Also, wasn’t even sure if I made it out wearing the same shoes. All I know is that I could immediately tell you how many naps I have taken and how much of that delicious honey ham I have ate. Hopefully some of you can relate to this and if not…well…this is my life. Anywho, I was driving around lost somewhere and the song “These boots were made for walkin” came on and the idea for this post popped into my head!

In a lot of ads & posts about NYE looks and inspo I see many revolved around the dress, jumpsuit, skirt, etc. as the main centerpiece, which I think is absolutely important, but what about what you dress up those toes with!? I vividly remember the NYE quite a few years back where I did not plan my footwear situation that well in advance and ended up with peep toes in the snow trecking through downtown Chicago! Well, that will never be happening again and I do not want it happening to you my lovely friends either.

Usually when I think NYE looks I immediately think of crazy, metallic, embellished beauties but as said based around the weather I did a round up of a bit of both for inspiration for you guys. Some functional, some fashional, and some just who knows but they are epic!

Will your feet be kicked up on the couch in cozy slippers or dancing the night away when the clock strikes 12?! I will probably have my feet propped up on the couch…with heels on. It’s called balance right?!



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