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Spray Tan Review with Pineapple Tan!

So I was at the doctor’s office last summer for my annual physical. This is thirty when you get excited about not having to reschedule your doctor’s appointment 12 times due to forgetting to put it on your dang iPhone calendar! Not speaking from experience or anything…wait…I absolutely am.

During this appointment as we were going through the ol “how many drinks do you have per week” questions where I lie to myself and say oh yes maybe 1-2 per week when in reality I guzzled down a giant margarita that weekend before and dove into a giant goblet of guacamole. Then my correspondence with my doctor went something like this:

Doc- “Catherine, you are just too tan.”

Me- (Insert blushing and casual hair flip) Well, thank you so much!

Doc- “Ummm no, I mean you need to be careful how much sun exposure you get it is not good for your skin!”

Me- (Insert awkward laugh)

After this interaction it really got me to thinking about the days of me lathering myself up in baby oil and tanning by the pool for hours or hopping into the tanning bed before prom to get burned like a lobster. The thought of how bad that was for my skin made me cringe!

This summer I am going to try to be extra diligent about wearing sunscreen and being mindful of how much time I am in the sun. The hard thing is who doesn’t love that bronzed feeling during the summer, ergh! Well, I have found the solution…spray tans!

Now I know this may not seem as ground breaking to you, but the first spray tan I got about 12 years ago was literally the worst! I stood in a tube with my eyes closed, holding my breath trying not to pass out or sweat as the machine would manually spray you. The problem with this is that I would never turn quick enough or didn’t position myself correctly so I would come out looking like a lightly cheese dusted Cheeto.

When my friend who owns Pineapple Tan approached me about collaborating I still felt like I had this experience from so long ago stuck in my head. Well, let me tell you she totally proved me wrong! Ok, so here is the scoop about my friends biz:

  • Convenient- She is totally mobile so she can come to your house and bring this little tent you stand in and she sprays you from head to toe. Don’t have the space? No worries, you can come to her place too!
  • Affordable- When she told me what she charges for mobile tans I literally had to say wait, did I hear right? Depending on what package you want it can range from about $40-60…such a deal!
  • Quality- I sweat…a lot. So in my mind I thought the tan would wipe away so quick. I was so wrong. My skin was bronzed for literally a week! It was the perfect shade too. I wanted it to have a natural feel which she absolutely delivered on.
  • Comfort- Usually I would feel a bit uncomfortable in my birthday suit in front of someone, but she totally made me feel so relaxed. During the session we just talked about work stuff, life, wine…of course!
  • Personable- Although I have known the owner for quite some time she still gave me the all-star customer treatment with being so flexible with my schedule, having everything prepared for me when I got there, and it was super fast and convenient!

The photo that you see above on the left is me before my spray tan and the one on the right after…omg what a difference! Also, I used the same photographer for both photos so that gives you extra assurance she does an amazing job. So if you are interested in booking or just have more questions check out her website by following this link!

Stay tuned for later this week…I will be sharing details about the amazing polka dot dress I am wearing too!



Photo Credit- LSP Art Studios



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