I got it from Dress Barn…yes I said Dress Barn!

Does anyone else have those stores that come to mind that have felt like they have been around forever, but you have never thought to step foot in? Well, it is true confession time my friends since I experienced this recently. A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely e-mail from the people at Dress Barn about a collaboration. When I saw the subject line of Dress Barn it definitely intrigued me since I could not remember the last time I has been in their store…probably at least 10 years!

Well, I am so happy that this little message made it’s way into my inbox because it gave me a chance to check out what Dress Barn has transformed into. Let me tell you…it is so so soooooo good! Just from their new summer arrivals alone I was obsessed with the variety in sizes, unique cuts and shapes to their dress selection, and super fun prints and colors galore! To get real for a second their plus selection in my opinion has amazing variety. It is definitely not just a section that has your basic colors with no shape dresses…it is awesome!

So when I was picking out my looks to share with you guys I wanted to really put Dress Barn to the test. So I went ahead and selected a look that would not be something I would automatically be drawn too. I do not wear short sleeves that often and I for sure do not own anything polka dot so that is where it made the most sense for me to pick out this ruffled black and white polka dot wrap dress! Well, let me just say that they totally delivered on this one. It came very nicely packaged, was true to size, quality is amazing, and that price point is literally on point…$25 I mean hellooooooooo!

Well, Bravo DB…yes we are on a nickname basis now since we are BFF’s…you have won my heart and I will for sure be making your store be part of my go-stops for finding weekend summertime looks. Oh and of course your online store too! Shop my dress via this link! 

Make sure you check out my Instagram stories today where I will be sharing more of my favorite looks from their collection for all sizes!



Photo Credit- LSP Photography
Spray Tan by Pineapple Tan


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