My vow to photos!

Are you ever the one when you are with family or friends and the camera comes out and all of a sudden you find yourself like a magician disppearing from the photo? Along with this disappearing act comes statements like, “Oh nooooo I look awful today,” or “Oh wait is that my cell phone, oven buzzing, doorbell, or anything that I think is making a sound that I can check on so I don’t have to be in this photo?”

Well, I have been having my moments where I am feeling like this more often. Even though you see me in front of the camera for my blog for some reason as of lately I have been dodging group photos with the pit feeling in my stomach of not looking forward to how I look in the photo. Whether it be me being overly critical of if it looks like I have a double chin, or if my arms look big, or if my stomach is bulging out. Let me tell you these thoughts are truly getting exhausting!

A moment that sticks out the most to me was when my family was all hanging out in the living room last month and my sister was about to snap a photo of all of us. Well, I did the whole sneak out of the photo move because I was feeling like I looked a hot mess with my hair on top of my head, wearing a over sized sweater, and my face felt super bloated. I saw the photo after it was taken and it just made me think that truly the purpose of this photo is to help spark that feeling of a really amazing memory of being with the people you love most. By choosing to exclude myself from that photo felt like I was removing myself from this moment, which was a total wake up call!

Not only in everyday life, but even in this photoshoot with this amazing look from Eloquii this happened too! I remember feeling so self conscious about how the skirt made my body look and how the top paired with the skirt. I was just going on and on about it and Will, my photographer, at one point was basically like, “Who cares! Now strut towards me and let’s get to work!” Well, thank god he snapped me out of this and wouldn’t you know these photos were my favorite out of all the looks we did!

So I am making a vow to myself that I will not let this toxic habit have me miss out on being part of memories that we are so lucky to live in a time that we can capture these moments in a single photo!

Ok now that we are all feeling more empowered let’s talk about my look. The gingham wrap top is from the Draper James collection with Eloquii! It is the perfect mix of feeling classy and a lil bit of spice to it. What I love about this collection is that all of their pieces can be paired with options outside of the collection, like this hot red tulle skirt. You know I am all about options people. So here are a couple of ways that you can pair looks from this Draper James Collection and other amazing pieces from Eloquii!





Photo Credit LSP Art Studios

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