A Case of the Shopping Struggles!

So I forgot to share this story with you guys of back in February when I was celebrating my 30th birthday! Going into my birthday weekend visiting my friends in Chicago I was thinking ok this will be pretty chill and in terms of packing I will just bring some basic essentials maybe a nice top or two. As my girlfriends started to plan our Saturday night out that feeling in the pit of my stomach started to rise and the question, “Oh crap, what am I going to wear?” started to pop in my head. Then flash to my thoughts of on a scale of 1 to wearing a Snuggie in public what is the dress code? Somewhere in the middle of not dressing like I am going to Costco on a Sunday (Sidenote: I am not a Costo Club Member sooo not sure why I said that) and no we are not dressing like we are pretending I am turning 21 again…that tube top is just not working hunnnnnnny.

As I ripped through my luggage looking for something that would be perfect for a night on the town at a speakeasy with a 100% chance of going out and dancing afterwards I was left feeling like I had nothing to wear! So then I ventured out into the windy city and was thinking oh I will just head to Michigan Ave. and just grab something at a store there.  Well, I thought truly truly wrong. In this moment of hopping from store to store only to find myself being informed that they only go up to a size 12 or taking one look at the plus section and it either is mixed in with maternity clothes, has no variety in selection of pieces that are great for a night out, or the plus section is so hidden that you have to ask 3 store associates on where it is and they are also unsure.

That feeling of the girl in high school not being able to fit into the trendy clothes came creeping back in my mind and I started to get a little teary eyed. I literally have not felt this feeling in soooooo many years! In conclusion I ended up strolling back to my girlfriends house with my head kind of held low and feeling a bit defeated. Then I threw together a look I had brought and actually felt super confident in it!

So I guess I share this story not to knock any brands or stores, but more so to bring attention to the stores that I do appreciate that I can walk into and trust a selection of styles and sizes that will fit for any occasion! One of these stores is Catherines Plus! This floral cardigan is perfect for a day to night look with a bit of sheer detail to give it that extra little spice. It can also be paired perfect with a shift dress or high waisted pants too. I stuck with a basic black tank top, but you can even style it with a bold color like how they have styled it below. Here is a look at some of the new Spring Arrivals that I am currently loving at Catherines!



Image result for catherines soft tencel peasant top Image result for catherines floral meadow dress Image result for meadow mist cardigan catherines Image result for fringe trim pareo catherines Image result for wrapped canvas kimono Catherines

Photo Credit- LSP Art Studios

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