Top 3 Quick Tips on adding Colors to your Wardrobe!

Somedays I get into moods of what feels like a style see saw…wait can we get that trending? #styleseesaw? Ok make it happen people! For example one day I am feeling super minimalist with black and grey tones and the next I feel like a freakin bright pink cupcake.

In my early days of blogging I felt like I needed to find my personal style and stick with it when it came to creating my brand. On the other hand style is a great way to express your creativity, which your creative juices can change from one day to the next. So why not completely welcome this with open arms. If you like the look, feel, and price point…lezzzzzz do it!

Whether it is upgrading your go-to basics or updating your closet for spring/summer here are my three go to tips for adding color to your wardrobe from Eloquii!

1. Balance it out! Have the main color of whether it is a dress, top, skirt, etc. be basic tones that are dominate and then have the details be those bold pops of color like in the design. I feel like mastering this is best to stick with florals or even as simple as the bold striped dress I am sporting in my photo. In terms of accessories you can keep it super minimal with silver or gold accents.

    Ruched Drawstring Sleeve Top 

2. Accessorize it up! If you are living that more minimalist life these days with every type of little black dress there is then you can spice it up with bold accessories like earrings, clutches, etc. I know in tip #1 I mention to balance out the bold colors keep it simple in terms of jewelry, but if you are feeling a bold earring with a bold print I say go for it!

3-Tier Ball Drop Earrings  Tiered Tassel Earrings 3-Tier Ball Drop Earrings Tiered Tassel Earrings

3. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Playing off of number two you can add on a bold colored or printed heel or flats to any look. Also, if you are wearing a bright colored dress with a bold design I like to select a shoe that is the color in the dress that is the least dominate. Helps the little details really pop!

 Leah Jeweled Kitten Heel 

Watch my Instagram stories to see some of my favorite bloggers that are totally on it when it comes to incorporating pops of color in their wardrobe!



Photo Credit LSP Art Studios

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