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So after an adventure filled weekend of having brunch with a friend for her birthday, going dancing at a salsa club and catching up on a bit of work, Sundays are the days where I try to get my life together. I feel like in some ways we all are.  Whether that is making long lists and successfully crossing everything off or like me…pulling the warm laundry out of the dryer and laying it on my bed to only find myself two hours later awaking from a nap in said warm, fluffy, laundry.

Photo Credit- Windy City Wardrobe

Part of this getting my life together routine also consists of stopping at the grocery store for food for the week and attempting to ignore the baked goods section at Whole Foods. It is almost like the bagels just know the way to my heart, but I must resist. So as I am passing by the freezer section I just so happen to catch my reflection and let me tell you I gave myself a bit of a fright! Yes, I was in what you would call athleisure, but I looked like I absolutely woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Don’t get me wrong we all have these days, but lately I am trying to be the best version of myself and with a rip in my leggings and a stain on my sweater with my hair all frizzy frizzed I needed to make a change.

Now I am not saying throw on a prom dress the next time you run out to get gas, but I wanted to make the search easier for you guys. So I rounded up my top 5 throw on and go top recommendations from Ellos! Just like I have pictured this top is under $40 from Ellos and can be paired perfect with skinnies or a jean skirt and ankle boots for running errands, meeting friends for brunch, or going to a football game and still feeling a bit more put together. Check out my other recommendations from Ellos below!

Printed Dolman Sleeve Babydoll Blouse Oversized V-neck Sheer Blouse Scalloped Hem Eyelet BlouseCrochet Yoke Blouse Crochet Lace Trim V-neck Blouse

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