Three Hours in Portland, OR!

So in my 9-5 life I am able to travel a bit, which is a major perk of the job! I have been to so many amazing cities across the United States and I wish I would have shared them with you guys.  Well no better time than now to start! So I traveled to Portland, OR last week for a conference and I was super pumped since I have never been there.

What I envisioned on the flight there about what Portland consisted of was amazing breweries, friendly people with lots of flannel, and great food. Which yes there was totally that and so much more! Since I was in Portland for work I had a very very veryyyy short time to explore this amazing city so I layed out for you guys a road map of what to do in Portland for 3 hours! I know it mainly consists of shopping and eating, but hey I have no complaints about that. The best part about this excursion is that I was mainly able to do everything by foot so you know I got those steps in girl! So let’s dive in!

Food Recommendations

Food Trucks– Around the downtown there are so many food trucks that line the streets, which is perfect for if you want to grab a bite to hold you over while you walk and explore the city.

Deschutes Brewery– Loved the atmosphere of this local brewery with so many amazing selections of beers to choose from and I ate the Quinoa Burger, which I give 5 stars, 100%, passing with flying colors kind of score, so good!

Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel Now the Ace Hotel in itself is this cute boutique hotel, but for an afternoon pick me up the coffee at Stumptown is so delish.

Departure– Want amazing rooftop views of the city? Then Departure is the place you must check out! They have heat lamps available so you can stay cozy while drinking your martini.  I definitely recommend ordering from their sushi menu for your dinner selection and the bartenders are very professional and personable.

Blue Star– When I ventured to Hawthorne Ave. on my way to the airport I was chatting with a friendly boutique employee and he mentioned that Blue Star was a must if I had a sweet tooth. I had what I believe was the lemon, honey, & poppyseed donut which truly tastes so magical!

Por Que No? I got this recommendation from a friend to check out this place, but I ran out of time. I was so bummed! From the outside though it looked like such a unique little spot with mint colored tables with crazy designs on them and the inside was buzzing with so many people.

Shopping Recommendations

Radish Underground– Amazing boutique with unique pieces like Dolly Parton stick ons for nails, love it! Also they offer little cards with guides of where to shop and eat around Portland. It was so helpful!

Hyden Yoo– Very friendly staff and the price points were pretty reasonable. I especially like their selection of accessories.

WildFang– I will say that this spot had to be my absolute favorite. First of all the store layout was on point and they had a bar so that you could literally sip and shop. Perfect for significant others that are waiting for you to try on things, may as well have a beer!

Powell’s Books– Little fact for you all, Powell’s Books, is considered the world’s largest independent bookstore! Now that is pretty dang impressive! There is something calming about wandering around the rows upon rows of books covering so many different topics that you can get lost in for a little while.

Union Way– This little alley way is filled with a variety of locally owned shops from shoes to handmade leather goods to candy. I stopped at Quin Candy and picked up some delicious honey carmels that are made locally in Portland!

Backtalk– If you have a thing for color coordination, then this place will make you feel like you are in heaven. They carried pieces from vintage to handcrafted and I loved the attention to detail in the store layout. It almost felt like an art gallery.

Vintage Pink– So I could have totally spent an entire day in this vintage shop. This place was absolutely house goals for sure. The shop was very neatly organized and the furniture was set up like how you would envision a living room to appear. The clothing, shoes, and accessory options were at fair price points as well.

Savvy Plus– I have never been into an above size 12 women’s clothing consignment shop till now! They had an amazing selection of dresses, shoes, accessories and more from a variety of brands. I snagged a velvet off the shoulder top, which will be hitting the blog soon!

Share with me some of your favorite spots in Portland and also if you have recommendations of outdoor activities, please tell!





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    November 3, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    First time here from TCF and I enjoyed reading this post. I will be back to read more. . .

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      November 4, 2017 at 12:52 am

      Thank you so much for visiting and I am so happy that you enjoyed!

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