Is napping a form of exercise?

Yes, I absolutely joined the club of complainers about the time change this year. For all of the VEEP fans out there you know I would be on Team Jonah Ryan voting to end the time change! I could watch that episode on repeat it is so funny.

In an effort to be more frugal this year I decided to really start to analyze my bank account and start to eliminate the unnecessary charges in my life. Oh lordy is that a harsh reality check! Part of these cut backs also included me justifying why I needed to keep a monthly charge. Part of this list included my gym membership. I mainly used my gym membership to go to Zumba, but then my favorite instructor left! All of my Zumba peeps out there you know how partially depressing this can be.  So instead I would get my exercise by running outside. Now keep in mind that during this time of having bright ideas the weather was still warm and it doesn’t get dark so quickly. Then, BAM, it is dark by like 4:30 and I am ready for bed by like 5:15 pm.

Now of course this time of year I basically want to just live in my cozy robe, fuzzy slippers, and sip ginger tea…omg I am literally wearing that right now (palm to forehead). So if you are in the same place as I am with wanting to save money, but make sure your health is staying in check I rounded up a couple of suggestions on what you can do to keep active!

  1. Quiet Apartment Workouts– Anyone else live in a top level apartment with neighbors below that may not enjoy hearing your attempt at river dancing or learning how to play the violin? Yeah, believe me they can hear you and are not fans. So I came across this workout that is basically circuit training and are all pretty much on the quiet side on the site The Greatest called The Quiet Workout: A Killer Home Routine that Won’t Annoy your Neighbors! I also love that you can modify each set based on what you are comfortable with. In about 30 minutes I can do about 5 sets and I do the 30 second time frames, but the last one I will do a 60 second wall sit.
  2. Yoga– I posted this question to my followers a while back and I feel like this may be an obvious for at home, but here is some of the suggestions of resources I received.
  3. Walking/Running Outside– Now I know this sounds pretty contrasting to what I was saying, but if you are able to catch being outside in the morning or late afternoon before it is dark, but you are beating the clock and want to make the most of your workout I use the Couch to 5K App (C25K). Basically, it is interval running with spurts of walking so that you are not exhausted after 15 minutes and you can knock out a session in 30 minutes and still feel energized!
  4. Free Classes– So at a majority of the group classes at studios like spin, barre, and so many more they usually have a first class is free deal. Which I think it great so that you can test drive the class first before signing up for something that you end up not using. I know this is still spending money, but at least when you find a class that gets you pumped you can look at it as more of an investment! Do you love them all? Then I recommed trying, Classpass. It is great because you do not need to be tied to one studio or class you can use them in any city anywhere for just a monthly fee!
  5. Meetup– Now this may be different in some cities, but there is a free group workout class option that you can select to join locals in your area! This could be power walking, yoga, or other forms of dance. Sometimes the organizer may ask for a small donation for the space or something along those lines. Also, a great way to meet people!

So these are suggestions that have personally worked for me, but tell me what you guys do!


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