Spring Looks from Zara!

I went to the mall recently to make a purchase for a sensible heel that would not give me a twisted ankle and damaged pride, but somehow I ended up in Zara. Well, on this trip I experienced what I like to call, “shopping daze.” Anyone else know what I am talking about? You are starving and have resisted getting that Auntie Anne’s pretzel with extra cheese and now you are in a shopping daze finally awaking in the dressing room at a store you did not have intentions of stopping in.  Well, in my pretzel craving hunger daze I found myself in this gingham off the shoulder little ruffle number. At first glance, it was blurry…due to my last pair of contacts getting a bit foggy #truelife #IWearContactsTooLong

Well, after adjusting my vision I fell in love with this top! Not going to lie I did a bit of a Cinderella twirl in it and I also noticed my fitting room drape was a bit open sooooo there’s that…a total adult woman just twirling in a fitting room, that’s not weird, right? So before I checked out I gave the top a second guess much to my surprise.  I thought, “does this top make me look big?” Please insert giant surprise face emoji! It has been quite a while since I have thought about my size and what others would think of me in a piece of clothing, I was equally shocked. The feelings of growing up and hearing, “if you are a certain size you shouldn’t wear ruffles, large prints, and poofy sleeves are not your friend.” Well, it appears I went against a large majority of these rules on this one. In that moment this top felt like more than just a piece of fabric, but it symbolized that sometimes you just need to put that little voice inside your head to bed and enjoy being creative with new looks. I mean can we talk about that little bit of floral detail, mmm hmmm so cute!

How have you stepped outside of your fashion comfort zone lately?

Photo Credit- Pedro Blanco Photography


Top, Zara, under $50 | Jeans, Forever 21, under $30 | Shoes, Steve Madden Outlet, under $40 | Watch, Current Boutique, under $100

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Image 1 of EMBROIDERED GINGHAM BLOUSE from Zara Plus Size Distressed Jeans 


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    Roxanne Birnbaum
    April 4, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    The top is perfect! I love the embroidery detail. And I say, twirl whenever you want to! Haha! I hope you ended up finding some sensible shoes, too!

    • Reply
      April 8, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      Thanks girl! You totally inspire me with all of your spring looks you are rockin!

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