Little Black Dress from ELOQUII!

This is really sad to admit since I am a fashion blogger, but I saw someone post “love my new LBD” or something along those lines and I was like “LBD, wait…what is that?” After a 30 second google sesh I come to realize that means…little black dress.  Ok so now that my taxi cab confession is out let’s jump into it guys!

Photo Credit- In11Views Photography

So I know that having a little black dress always seems like a cliche statement of what needs to be a staple item in your closet, but I completely agree that it needs to be! Even if what you own is 98% black or muted tones as long as their are unique details such as with the hem, sleeves, neckline, etc. I am all about it. If you are wanting to spice up your wardrobe remember you do not need to have a rainbow throw up all over your closet, it is all in the details.

So a perfect example of this is the dress I am featuring from ELOQUII! I snagged this dress during the pop-up shop launch party last month at Pentagon City Fashion Center.  What I loved about this little black dress is all of the unique details with the lace sleeves, fancy neckline, and oh yes there are pockets…hallelujah! This dress is perfect for a fancy night out with heels and statement earrings like I have pictured or for your next wedding you RSVP’d to.

I have also added 3 of my top LBD picks from the new arrivals section on the ELOQUII online store!


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