New York and Company Sale of the Season!

Show of hands that can agree this was the summer of weddings!  Do not get me wrong I love a good round of SHOUT, blowing bubbles, struttin out to the floor with all my single lady gals to catch that bouquet is my vibbbbbbe, but making sure you are not doubling down on looks for all weddings can get tricky and hurt that budget girl!

So the best way to make sure you are Instragaming the heck out of everyone’s feed with amazing looks at your best friends wedding is a great sale.  Yes, the Nordstrom sale was out of the this world, but the sale at New York & Co. was prime time amazing. In transitioning to fall the sale section is on point! Here is a peek at the finds that I had, featuring the one on the right for this post, keep reading…


Not only do they always have fair and amazing prices, but I got a deal of buy 1 get one 3 free!  Now as I have said before I didn’t go to math school, but that is a fabulous deal. The sale section was not filled with just your basics, it had an amazing variety of colors, materials, and prints for all shapes and sizes. Having a pretty pretty princess moment in this look that essentuated my curves in the right way with a fit and flare. This style is perfect for getting through the ceremony, from dinner, to the dance floor and maintaining that level of comfort for a full day and feeling fierce!

Photo Cred- Lisa Kays Photography






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