Post Brought to You by #Snowzilla…

Flash back two weekends ago, I was meeting up with my friend Ellen, also known as fashion blogger, Ellie B on Budget, for a morning coffee sesh to snap some pics in one of my fav spots in DC, Eastern Market!  

As I zip up what I like to call my “Costcoat” purchased at where I am sure you can guess Costco for under $50, I look outside to what appears to be an amazing sunny day.  Once I opened the front door, my immediate reaction was…NOPE.  Literally it was 6 degrees outside #ohlawd. For the sake of fashion and amazing natural lighting I bring you this post.  Don’t mind my purple hands or frozen lips that is like the newest trend right? Ummm yeah…no.

If you caught my post last week I was chatting all about my amazing Torch Burch purse on consignment find!  Well, instead of having it just hang around on my closet door I wanted to show you guys the look of this gem in action.  Also, am excited to share my, DEAL OF THE CENTURY…CENTURYCENTURY….CENTURY…(que fading out yelling) from DSW! I was able to get my hands on these black, leather, mid ankle, Aldo boots that were originally a little over $100 for $20!  I didn’t go to math school, but I believe that is about 80% off…why yes…yes it is as I quietly try to put away the calculator feature on my phone so that you don’t know that I am double checking the math on that.

Also, two more pieces to my outfit this week I was also able to find on consignment!  Check out my Michael Kors gold watch that is originally for retail around $250 for $70 on consignment.  So is there such thing as being insecure about your wrist size?  Well I will not call it an insecurity more of when I wear a smaller watch I feel like it’s me trying to fit into a pair of size 2 jeans…it is not happenin lil mama.  Then a saw a post about women wearing men’s size watches…genius! Which I attempted, but was unable to find the right size and especially weight.  I could just imagine me going into a meeting dragging my left arm on the ground, but at least my wrist is looking fly…ummm yeah no again.  So the Michael Kors pictured is the best of both worlds for me!

My next consignment find is the pair of sunnies pictured as well!  After many attempts of trying on sunglasses that literally looked like I was wearing a pair of my nieces Princess Sophia sunglasses I finally found a pair that frame my face!  If you have a rounder shape to your face as well I definitely recommend an aviator frame. Check out Penguin brands on their site, they have really great sale items and markdowns!






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