Guest Blogger- Chatting Hoop Fashion with Ebonie Hoops!

So as part of my New Year’s Resolution, yes I know I have about 20 of them, getting back to taking better care of myself has been top priority for 2016!  Not only better eating habits, but also getting into a workout routine is key too!  Just a little sidenote, treadmills and I are for sure not compadres.  Now hang a glass of wine over me just a touch out of reach then there is my motivation. Unfortunately, I do not think that would fly at my local gym. So I have been on the search to find my solution to my treadmill woes to get to moving without realizing that you are burning calories and breaking a sweat.  That is where my friend and hoop dancer, Ebonie Hoops, comes in!

Following her social media pages she has absolutely inspired me to dive in and explore different ways to exercise and express creativity. Ebonie does this through hooping!  Now when I say hooping I am not talking about your old school on the playground moves. She literally has taken hula hoops to another level with her flexibility, flow, rythmn, and movement.  She is absolutely amazing to watch!

So for this post I wanted to pick Ebonie’s brain about her “hoop fashion” choices and hopefully you will be inspired too!

“As a hoop dancer, a typical day usually revolves around movement. My fashion style has evolved into practice and lifestyle clothing that is comfortable yet confident. Whether I am teaching, practicing or performing with my hoop, my attire is a relaxed style that shows self-expression through active and versatile wear. I love flowy material that is light and moves with me as I dance, and also enjoy form fitting yoga apparel. When watching hoop dance, the clothes can either add to this movement art form or allow the audience to focus on the dance and body shapes.”

“Although it’s probably ideal to hoop in the least clothing as possible for the hoop to skin contact, when I find an outfit that emphasizes my movements and enhances my flow style, it’s fun to create more of an artistic appearance. One of my favored brands of hoop-wear is ‘Harmonic Threads’ which is made by a hooper named Olive from Michigan. I own multiple practice and performance outfits from her. They are made from breathable spandex and a fire safe material, so I am set for when I fire hoop in any performances or events. For my shoes, I wear a pair of brown or black boots when fire dancing or Nike gym shoes for long practice sessions, but if I could chose it would be barefoot always.”

“I find that color can be symbolic when hoop dancing for an audience or even yourself. I choose to either wear all black, white or bright colors when hooping. My favorite hoops are purple so I try to match them when I can.”

Ebonie Hoops is located in Crown Point, Indiana, she also teaches Private and Group Lessons to any age or skill level. ($30 Private Lesson/$15 per person of groups of 2+) If you don’t have a hoop, she has all different sizes for free rental at class and also handcrafted hoops for purchase locally. Prices range from $10-$50, depending on material & weight of hoop. Event, performance and workshop updates will be displayed regularly on her Social Media pages, so make sure to follow her to say in the hoop…I mean loop! Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one!

You can contact her at for inquiries on lessons, entertainment bookings & custom hoops.

Here are links to follow Ebonie Hoops on her hoop journey on Social Media!

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