I Introduce to You…Ellie B on a Budget!

So excited to share with you all my friend who is for sure the next up and coming fashion blogger in the DC metro area!  Her name is Ellen, but goes by Ellie B on Budget.  Let me just say, if you are looking for a gal that can spot an on point backdrop for a photo anywhere, highlights the perfect details from the sunglasses postioned perfectly in hand to her hat tilted always at the perfect angle, and an animal lover who does not forget to mention her adorable pup, then you have found the next blog to subscribe to!

When I finally hit the publish button on my blog for my first post, Ellen was one of my many major supporters.  Just a simple statement in casual convo, “I love your blog!” can realllllly go a long way for someone like myself to give me a little confidence boost!  When Ellen and I got to chatting she had mentioned to me that she always wanted to start her own blog.  This was a no brainer that she needed to jump on the fashion blog train since she has been in fashion/retail for a number of years and in the consignment boutique industry.  After a couple more convos about blogging Ellen finally has published her first couple of posts!  

Ellen’s style and vibe of her blog can truly be summed up in her blog name. This girl has expensive taste, but do not let your eyes decieve you.  For example that Marc Jacobs bag in her latest post that originally retails at over $1,000 she finds on consignment for $70!  I would almost compare her to how Bear Grylls is in navigating his way through exotic territories to come out victorious when he finds civilization.  Except instead of being dropped in the middle of the Sahara she can be dropped into any consignment shop and navigate her way out finding the best designer brands for a fraction of the retail cost!  Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Instagram @elliebonabudget and on Pinterest at Ellie B on a Budget!

If that deal about the Marc Jacobs bag made your ears perk up a bit, see her latest post, Casual Winter Weekends, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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