Saved by the Bell called…they love your pants!

As a baby of the 80’s unfortunately I did not get to experience the full blown big hair, swishy neon jacket, scrunchie era, but luckily I was just on the cusp of it in the early 90’s.  Yes, my elementary school pictures definitely included severe bangs.  So during my casual stroll through Target on my “need to get toothpaste” trip, but in actuality I find myself in the women’s clothing section with no toothpaste in my lil red basket.

I then tipped my imaginery hat and said good day to the 30-50% off rack.  We have this love hate relationship you know. I am always thinking, “No, I do not need these aztec alladin pants”, “Get away from me you adorable neon romper,” but we make up and then I walk away with the pair of pants I am highlighting in the post today.

I felt as though I channeled my inner Jessie Spano when I tried on these pants.  My immediate reaction in the dressing room was, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited…I’m so…scaaaaaared” then Zack Morris embraces me…I definitely play that scene on repeat, gets me every time!

After the imaginery Zack Morris embrace I started to feel the vibe of the sinched ankle pants.  The jean is actually more of a linen feel, which is perfect for a light and fun look for the end of summer! This pant needs to be worn high waisted so that there is not too much of a baggy look. Tuck a tank in or out as shown below and they are also perfect for a day to night look with just a change of accessories. By the wayyyyy…they were on sale for $17!

So for those of you who are thinking,”yooooo where did you get that top from?”  Let me just say this lil number is from Boho Pretty, which is a mobile and online boutique!  They have the cutest looks for a majority under $40 and if you use Catherine 10 you can get 10% off your order!






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