Color Me Reckless!

Soooooo there was this one time that I had attempted to crochet a hat, that then turned into a scarf, that then turned into a potholder, that then turned into an awkward shaped circle that would not even fit the circumference of a drinking glass.  That is why I am super duper excited to share with you the amazing talents of my friend Lisa, Owner & Designer, of Color Me Reckless.  Now when I say this girl can crochet…I mean she can croooooochettttttt.

I mean at one point I presented her the idea of crocheting me a whole outfit because I literally just love her work that much. In conclusion, no… I will not have an entire outfit made of yarn but the idea may still be on the table but based on the look on her face after my request I may just stick to the adorable washcloths and face scrubbers as pictured below.

This post has a bit of a beauty twist to it as well since the yarn she uses is cotton based, which is perfect for exfoliating.  Speaking of exfoliation, I would definetely recommend the Lush facemask as well to clear your pours for that fresh feeling!  Lisa’s amazing face scrubbers and towelettes are under $20 and  she customizes to the colors you prefer as well!  She also makes amazing pillows, blankets, you name it. If you are interested in placing an order you can reach Lisa at  Also, subscribe to her blog and social media pages!






Crochet soap holder for exfoliating

Crochet soap holder for exfoliating


Face towel and exfoliators

Face towel and exfoliators


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