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So when you hear the state of Indiana your usual thought I am sure that comes to mind is oh…corn.  Yes, yes there is corn but there is more than corn in Indiana (bonus points if you knew that was from the Indiana Beach commercial).  Little fact about the Dreamy Realist, I am originally from Indiana!  Being now based in Washington, DC I was estactic to be able to visit my family this past labor day weekend. Let me just say this weekend consisted of floating on the lake, consuming carbs like it was my job, and really having some quality fam fam time.  While sitting on the dock of the bay (not literally, but couldn’t help myself with that song quote) I thought it was the perfect moment to show off my summer swimsuit coverup from last year’s Target selection.  I love the short sleeve look since it felt like I was sporting the look of an actual dress, but the comfort of a beach cover up! Also, paired this look with a simple gold flip flops from Target this season that were under $20!

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On the way back to the airport we decided to take a lil detour to two breweries that are located in downtown Indianapolis.  The first is Sun King Brewery!  Sun King not only has an amazing tasting room, but also you can get up close and personal with the brewing process.  Even if you do not know the first thing about how to make beer this place definitely gives you a look into the daily life of a brewer!  Their 8 beer tasting is around $7 and their cream ale is delish!

2015-09-09 20.23.03

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Stop number two was to St. Joseph’s Brewery that just a couple of blocks from Sun King.  Now this was definitely a unique experience because it is an old Catholic church turned into a brewery & restaurant.  When walking into the brewery I had to hold back from genuflecting and looking for the holy water just out of old habit. Loved the high arched ceiling and brew tanks on the alter really made the scene super unique. Also, the 8 beer tasters were fairly priced and had a great variety of wheat, ryes, and porters.

Share with me your favorite stops in Indiana in the comments below!


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