So is it Purple Cabbage or Red Cabbage?

So I do find it kind of comical that I continue to call purple cabbage, red cabbage, and no one has corrected me…winning!  Wanted to share with you all my new found love affair with cabbage.  Yes, it may sound cray cray but not only is the color on poinnnnnt it is also super easy to cook with and you get a great amount of vitamins and nutrients!  I also wanted to share with you all the amazing Udon whole wheat noodles that I spotted in the international section at Whole Foods.  The recipe that I tested out this week had more of a Japanese inspo.

First, I grilled up some white onions and purple cabbage in the oven on 375 for about 20 min with salt, pepper, and garlic salt.  Then I boiled water and threw in the Udon noodles for about less than 3 minutes, which cooks faster than regular pasta…yeah! I also picked up some vegan chicken bites, yes I agree that doesn’t make sense, but believe me they are delish and super addictive!  Once the veggies were done and pasta drained I mixed them together with a bit of soy sauce and waaaaa laaaaa meal under 30 minutes!






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