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Alright ya’ll sorry I have been a bit off of the blog map this past week! There have been mucho mucho things going on with a combination of running 13.1 miles, shoppin, brunchin, fam time, and meeting the Pope (will explain later) I am excited to get back on track with my blog community!

To start off on the whole 13.1 mile mention, I ran the Washington, DC Navy Airforce Half Marathon this past weekend! This was my third half marathon BUT the first one I ran I literally would cry on my long runs…yes there were tears on an 8 miler and on the second one I did not train AT ALL and oh lawd was that a mistake!  So, this year I made it a goal to run the entire race no matter my pace or what place I finished I was determined to not stop and to train properly…I did it!  My only regret was drinking the gatorade at mile 12…I definitely did not look like the athletes in the commercials after chugging a neon yellow gatorade. It was more along the lines of me missing my mouth and getting it all over my sports tank and what did make it into my mouth I looked like a character on Walking Dead…no not Michonne…more like a zombie with red gatorade running down my face instead of blood.  Along with that zombie like trot, wait was this a zombie apocolyse?  All jokes aside, it was amazing pushing my body to it’s limit and reaching my goal!

First, I wanted to hightlight my recommeded training tank from Old Navy. With the built in sports bra and loose fit around the tummy region made me run confidently and not worry about adjusting anything, which is always a problem with me and some workout clothing! The neon color selection they have is on point and this was under $20!

Also, for those of you that are considering doing a race whether it is a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon or if you are making running more of a part of your workout routine having tunes is a must!  But, for those long runs sometimes listening to Skrillex on repeat for a longer run can be a little daunting on the ears.  So, I have now discovered the world of podcasts!  Specifically the podcast, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews!  I must admit that I could possibly love this podcast more than Nutella…insert gasp.  His podcasts air every Wednesday and Friday and just expect to be laughing so hard that you may or may not fall out of your swivel chair at work…true story…speaking from experience.  Ross and his team create such a easy and welcoming listening environment chatting about relationships, life, love, and snacks, what a perfect combo!  #kisskiss


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    Justine S.
    September 28, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    Good for you, girl! I did track in high school but I’ve fallen out of running since then, but this really makes me want to get back to it! Way to push yourself. It’s the best feeling ever when you accomplish something like this! And the workout clothes are adorable…Old Navy is my go-to place for workout clothes, too.

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