You are in how many weddings this summer?

Tis’ the time for wedding season as you open up your google calendar only to notice that you are in three weddings in June four in July oh yeah and you are a bridesmaid…in all of them.  At this point you may feel like Catherine Heigel in the movie 27 dresses.  Depending on the wedding you are in can range from having the exact shoes, dress, and even the hairstyle requested by the bride all the way to heres a color, pick your own bridesmaid dress.  The kind of bride that I am referencing in this post is the bride that is right in the middle. They have selected the same dress for all, but you have the freedom to choose your own accessories.  When short on time or on a budget this can make some want to flip out like Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaid…you know the scene…at the wedding shower…grass being thrown in the chocolate fondue fountain.

For this post I have highlighted three bridesmaid dresses with different neckline styles and accessory pairings that I have recommended. Most likely about 10,000  photos will be taken on that special day so you want to make sure you keep in mind the vibe of the wedding and to select accessories that are not too over the top.  The first look I chose is a off the shoulder v neckline in a shade of rose paired with a basic pearl necklace as one option from Marshalls. This look is especially perfect if the wedding is more on the casual side.  This bridesmaid dress specifically is for an outdoor wedding with a more natural feel.


For my second look for this same dress I paired a Francesca’s floral gem embellished statement necklace for under $30!  This style would be more for a wedding that has bright colored bouquets and arrangements especially if it is a destination wedding. With this style neckline I would definetely recommend a necklace pairing.


Next look is a vibrant strapless dress paired with a set of earrings from World Market for under $20.   Since there is a floral accent on the waist of the dress you do not want to distract it away by pairing with a bold necklace like above.  By pairing with colored drop earrings this gives the best of both worlds. Keep this tip in mind when there are accent belts or other details that make the dress unique, you definetely want to accentuate those details by keeping jewelry basic.


The last look is a lace high neckline, which is also floor length by Jim Hjelm.  This dress barely needs any accessorizing since it is quite elegant on its own.  A basic pair of pearl earrings from Marshalls can do the trick.  For high necklines always key to keep in mind that if the pattern is simple a bold pair of earrings is perfet, but if you have bold colors or detailed patterns, keeping a basic stud earring can also complete this look.


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