Top 5 Reasons why Maeve loves Le Tote!

Oh the wonderful and up and coming world of subscription boxes.  Literally you can get a box filled with treats for your pet all the way to mens shaving accessories.  Now the subscription box world has moved into the…wait…yes…you heard right…womens clothing!  Insert praise hands emoji.  This week I wanted to mix it up a bit and pass the mic to my friend Maeve as my guest blogger who is currently a Le Tote subscription holder.  Click the link to see what Le Tote is all about

Here are a few words from Maeve about the top 5 reasons why she loves Le Tote!

1. Unlimited!

50 dollars a month but unlimited totes! If you get a tote on Friday, and you wear what you want over the weekend and are ready to send back – do it! They’ll send you another one as soon as they get this one back. (Though the point isn’t to get as many totes as possible in a month – the point is to get totes with clothes you’ll wear at least once while you have the tote)

2. Customizable!

I love love love how you pull clothes on their website into your closet and they create your tote only from what you’ve put in your closet. Don’t like what they’re sending you in your tote? You can approve or disapprove items in your tote before its sent! If you don’t like an item, you get about 10 other options from your tote to switch it out for. I prefer to know what I’m getting and when – so this feature is an awesome feature for me.

3. Free shipping!

Your monthly fee includes two day shipping both ways so you don’t have to worry about that.

4. Wear those clothes and send em back – or keep them.

Because the clothes aren’t brand new, and you can wear them before sending back, they all have steep discounts if you want to keep them. Anything you want to keep just don’t send back and Le tote will charge you that discounted price. All prices for items are shown to you when you look at them online before you even put them in your closet.

5. Clothes AND Jewelry

Each tote comes with 3 articles of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelry!

See photos below for the latest tote Maeve received last month!  Interested in subscribing?  Use the promo code for a discount!







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