The Amazing “Goes with Everything” Necklace

Whether your on the run when it comes work, school, chasing little ones around, style can be put on the backburner for all of us at different times in our life.  In these scenarios typically all you need is just that oneeeee item that will complete the look for the next wedding, baby shower, birthday, you name it that you attend.  In reality when you are short on time or on a budget having that one go to piece of clothing or jewelry is needed for every womens closet.  With my life feeling at times that it is going high speed ahead I wanted to share with you my “goes with everything” piece of jewelry that I just recently purchased at Charming Charlies for under $30!


Charming Charlies under $20

Charming Charlies under $20

When selecting your go-to piece of jewelry it is always great to keep in mind simplicity, but funky!  Yes, these are literally opposite words, but when shopping for that perfect piece I recommend keeping the color basic whether it be gold, silver, pink gold, bronze, etc.  and look for unique details like  the intertwinning circles I selected or there are floral designs, geometric, double layered, etc.  So simply put keep it simple on the tones and unique in the design.  Charming Charlies has an amazing selection to choose from and prices are typically under $30 depending on the pieces that you purchase.  Click the link to find the closest Charming Charlies near you

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