That one time I bought a crop top…

So I attempted the crop top… and alas my selection was not a win.  Oh but wait, then a thought came to mind!  A wear it two ways theme for my unexpected failed mission in the world of the crop top!  For those of you that may not know what a crop top is, here is a perfect definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary, ” A short singlet that doesn’t quite cover your stomach, popular in the 90’s.”  Indeed the 90’s are over, but slowly making a comeback which makes me clap for joy is the potential for platform sandals, pattern clashing, but let’s leave scrunchies in the past.

Even if you do not have a crop top fail that you need to revamp this look can be done for any top that has shrunk or seen better days.  The colorful neon croptop below is from Target for under $20 and the sheer black tank is from New York & Co. for under $25.  When mixed together this gives a perfect extension to the crop top without having to get rid of a top that is in perfect mint condition!


New York & Co. under $25

New York & Co. under $25


Target under $20

Target under $20


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