Fashionably Powerwalking into Day 2- NYFW Recap!

My deodorant has worn off, I have only had a piece of gum to eat in the past 8 hours, my feet feel like I have been walking with bricks on them all day. Nope…was not on a diet…was not training for a marathon…this was how I felt at the end of day 1 of NYFW. Ok, I am being superrrrrrrr dramatic, but ya know…that’s what we do around here.

After getting a bit more sleep we started off day 2 with a little bit more pep in our step! I slipped on this this little sequin midi skirt number you all may have remembered (or maybe you had no idea, because you have a life) that I wore this past February for NYFW, but it is such a perfect statement piece from Asos that didn’t break the bank. Now I know for balance if you have such a bold piece you should…emphasis on should…pair it with a basic top or jacket. Well, when in NY…a cropped leopard print moto jacket from Eloquii and white ankle boots from Asos felt right.

The two shows I saw were definitely on the opposite sides of the style world, but that is what I love about fashion…so much variety!

Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

First show up was Damowang with a mix of relaxed earth tones, prints, and a pops of color definitely put me in a mood to incorporate oversized blazers and more trench inspired pieces into my life!

The second show, I Love Pretty, was a whole other moooooood! Well, the playlist was completely amazing…where can I burn a CD of that mix? Also, can you even burn CD’s anymore? I feel old. Now how do I best describe this collection. It was like 80’s punk meets hospital inspired glam? That sounds very confusing, but seriously I just need to let the pieces speak for themselves, check out their Instagram page! Hands down was one of the best shows I have been to!

After that show, we actually had a bit of time to sit, relax and enjoy brunch at Maman Tribeca with the hustle and bustle it was nice to sit down and enjoy the moment with a cup of coffee and a pastry…ok maybe 2 pastries…ok fine it was 3!!!!

We ended the night trying to get into the Flying Solo Presentation, which was my absolute favorite last year! Due to capacity, we weren’t able to get in, but after a nightcap at the Brass Monkey in the Meat Packing District I would say cheers to a successful day!



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