Twirling into Day 1- NYFW Recap!

Not only do I love coming to NYFW for obviously the FASHUN (hope you can imagine hearing me say that in my super dramatic voice), but also I love stepping out of my routine. I have a 9-5 job and blogging on the side gives me these unique moments that I sincerely cherish. Oh and I mean New York…what a beaut…a real beaut Clark…two claps for you if you can name that movie.

So I recapped a lot of what we are going to chat on here on my Instagram stories, but if you are one of those gals that when they see the teeny tiny dots on the top of the screen and you fear it may take over 7 minutes to get through it all I thought I may as well give a little recap here. Average reading time..2 minutes…but whose counting? Oh wait, I am because you boss babe have things to get back to! Lets dive in, shall we?

Day 1 started off on only about 4 hours of sleep, yup was a mixture of feeling like a fashionable zombie running the streets of NY surviving off of bagels and black coffee. Dani and I started our day off with a photoshoot with Arielle. I sported this ASOS Kimono Sleeve yellow fringe situation that made me feel like I was those long drapes at a car wash that clean your car, but I’m into it.

Then we headed over to the Sequin Jewelry showroom to see all of the STUNNING gold jewels and gems. My favorite pieces were the zodiac sign embellished charms, where my Aquarius gals at?!

Oh and Parker shares the same building as Sequin, just two cute little neighbors. So we stopped into their showroom to see their latest upcoming collection. The mix of colors and prints nearly made me jump for joy and awkwardly clap my hands like a baby seal, yes enjoy that visual. Check out their website to see what I mean.

Then flash forward to finishing off the evening at the EDGII Runway Show. Was obsessing over the mix of furs, neon detail, with a bit of edge…see what I did there. I loved how you could see the flow and cohesiveness of the collection, but each piece had its own unique touch. I absolutely love a show that does have a mix of looks that are ready to wear off the runway, which this show definitely included! I mean I do wish I could wear a leotard and fur jacket only in public, ya know maybe one day you may catch me at Whole Foods or the post office rocking that…one day.

There you have it guys…day 1! Even though I had to re-apply deodorant about 12,000 times…it was a success! Oh and the white ankle boots are ASOS too, which gave me the Dolly Parton vibes I reallllly needed to get me through the weekend. Stay tuned for day 2 recap!



Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

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