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It is so easy to get caught in the routine when it comes to shopping. You need an outfit or accessories for a party, you go to the mall or online to get it. The cheaper or discounted the better and if the fit works I am all about it. What I do not always do well is take the time to stop and think about how that product got into my hands, what journey did it take before me? Now I guess this is a call out to myself because I never stop to think about these things. Lately I have been trying to become more informed about companies and how their production practices are. I still have a lot to learn to transition into a more sustainable way of fashion, but I do feel like my use of Rent the Runway and only purchasing items that are not just one time wears will decrease my footprint on the environment.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

Also, I do feel like another step in the right direction is purchasing products made by a person that you could call up and sit down and have a coffee with like my friend, Adrienne, who is the owner of Sister Epic. What is Sister Epic you ask? Well…sit down…kick your feet up…put on your favorite record and lets get to chatting.

SISTER EPIC is the luxury leather handbag line by Adrienne Guariglia. The designs are formed on paper and brought to reality, by hand, in Pittsburgh, PA. A balanced influence of geometry, minimalism and captivating textures are factors that unify and define our collections.”

Now isn’t that just a mission statement that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

But seriously the quality of these handbags are impeccable, the style is so unique, and I love a handbag that feels like it is part of the look so you don’t feel like you have to accessorize. BEST part is that these bags are all hand made and designed by Adrienne and it is so fun to see the behind the scenes moments on their Instagram page as she makes these little creations. Kind of gives you a moment to slow down and enjoy the art of how purses are made. I mean lets be honest the purse plays an important role in your day, that little baby follows you everywhere!

Now the really really reallllllly exciting part, I am doing a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive this adorable Lulu Iridescent Cardholder and also you will get a $50 credit towards your purchase of any Sister Epic items! How to enter is on my Instagram page, so make sure you pop over to @dreamyrealist_ for details!



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