Oh hey puff sleeves…

You know that ice breaker we have all come across in group settings, “If you could live in any decade what would it be?” Honestly, my answer usually always revolves around fashion. I try to live my life always looking forward, ya know the whole onward and upward thing. Kind of a life lesson rolled into there with sometimes we dwell on the past and wish we could go back to the way things were and sometimes you can’t. All we have is our memories and that is where you can find comfort and in terms of fashion…find inspiration. Ok pass the the tissue box pahhhhlease and pour another glass of pinot, things are getting emotional in here. Ok back to fashion talk…

 I do drool over vintage finds though, but I will say it is hard for me to find those gems in my size when it comes to clothing. Now accessories and shoes is a whole other story. I usually can always luck out. So whats that saying…mixing old and something new wont make you feel blue? Yeah no, I totally just made that up, but feel free to make it your own! With this new awkward moto I just made up that is why I love the vintage inspired touch that Eloquii includes in their collection. Their range can go from classic and chic to unique and edgy with touches of inspiration from all time periods.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

This yellow and white floral print dress is channeling a mix of the 80’s with the unique puff sleeve and a bit of the 50’s with the fit and flare cut. Looks can be deceiving because you may think this dress is a heavy material but nope, it is totally lightweight and comfortable. I experienced it first hand since it was about 90 degrees during this shoot with Sarah.

What fashion time period would you flash back to? So sad news, this gorgeous puff sleeve gem is out of stock so here are some alternatives I spotted!



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