Crop Tops? Circle Yes or No

It cracks me up that in the early 2000’s the long tops and low rise jeans were in and now we have swung the other way with high waisted everything and crop tops galore. I will say I am thankful that low rises have taken a time out and all things high waisted are here to stay. Now crop tops are another story. It is almost like when I see some of my favorite bloggers or style icons rocking a crop top I am alllll about it! Now when I slipped one on for the first time I felt like, ok looks like I can’t raise my arms, sit down, or make any rapid movements in this thing or its all over. Really what it boiled down to was finding the right kind of top, quality is totally key.

Second, the little insecure voice inside my head was also holding me back from rocking this trend. Thinking about how I already feel insecure about my mid section and then I am going to expose my stomach to the whole world while in line at Trader Joes, at the movie theater seeing the Lion King, or singing “Proud Mary” on stage at karaoke.

Well, my friends I got over this insecurity thanks to this gingham wrap skirt from Ellos. As I was trying to style this beauty nothing felt right. A top looked tucked in was too bunchy, untucked looked sloppy, so that is when this white linen crop top made its appearance from the back of the closet. So lets hold hands and dive into this trend together. Here is a round up of some of my favorite tops that I think can look great on anyone for these final days of summer!



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