Those Summertime Sequins!

When wearing sequins comes across my day dreaming I automatically equate wearing sequins either on new years eve, the Grammy Awards (ya know when I eventually get invited), or that one time I had this Limited Too purse that had just a touch of sequins to make me feel like I was cool. When it does not cross my mind to sport sequins is in the middle of summer.

Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

Yes I agree, I hear you over there thinking it is so dang hot out there is no way I can wear more than a napkin designed into some kind of top, because wearing anything else will make you sweat to all ends! Lets admit though, there are those times where you may want to be a bit of a head turner with your sequins shining in the sun and basically you are feeling as fresh as a giant disco ball.

I chose this midi sequin skirt for my shoot this month with Sarah in front of the glorious mural designed by Meg Biram which really embodies the vibrant community of old town and the local boutique district!

The art of sequins in the summer all depends on the piece. Midi skirts with a high slit, sheer like poly blend tanks with a touch of sequin, mini dresses, clutches, camisoles and more is what I rounded up for you guys below! These pieces are all from Asos because they are having some serious sequin moments.

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