A sweater in the summer…excuse me?

If you were to say to me, “Hey Catherine, throw on this form fitted midi sweater dress in 90 degree weather…” I would have given you some maaaaaaaaaaaaajor side eye and would have pretended I didn’t hear you. That sounds like some major uncomfortable madness to me! Then I came across this little 525 America little number and my perspective has changed a bit. I guess I have to give a big shout out to my friend Ellen who is like the connoisser (need to check the spelling on that one) of sweater dresses. Every other week I am usually receiving a screenshot of a Rent the Runway look that she is like YOU MUST RENT THIS ASAP! Well, after every excuse in the book I decided to give this trend a twirl. Of course, trying out sweater dresses in the middle of summer sounds like a stunning idea…said no one ever.

I think the key to success during these summer months is finding the right texture and weight. Now the heavy knit options are a definite no go, save those for your fall time frolicking. Textures that have the weight of almost cotton are a perfect go-to if you are wanting to jump on this trend. I guess if you want to get real specific this is a “rib knitted dress.” Now I am craving bbq ribs…dang it! If you are feeling more confused than ever on what I am even talking about now since we have skipped around on so many topics I went ahead and did a round up of some of my favorite knit looks that you can wear immediately! I know I am always buzzing about Rent the Runway, but it honestly has opened up my eyes to so many brands that I didn’t even realize carried above size 14 let alone unique looks!



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