Say hellllllllo to City Chic!

Nothing better than coming across a brand that serves above size 14 that offers unique and stylish pieces for anyone’s taste! Before e-commerce came around I felt like I could tell you probably on one hand the places that I could find clothing that fit me. Now I feel like I can count on my hands, toes, and I probably need to borrow a friends hands and toes to count all the brands that are popping up left and right offering above size 14 options and also below 14 as well. Gotta love some fashion for all!  I will say this is just the beginning, but I did not think I would come to a time where there was a brand I never heard of before. So say hello to City Chic!

Sidenote, one of my favorite parts about using Rent the Runway is that I have been exposed to so many more brands that I had no idea offered sizes above size 14. The first City Chic piece I rented you may remember was from the Derby Party I attended that Dani of Blonde in the District threw. The fit was so true to size and I felt super chic, well I guess that is why that word is in the company name. Your welcome for that lame attempt at a punch line.

The next time you guys may have spotted me in this brand was when I was awkwardly frolicking through the fields at a winery for my friend Ellen’s bachelorette party. Also, pictured in my intense twirling moment at the beach in my main photo. I am usually not much of a maxi dress fan, since I get warm so quickly in them, but this was the perfect mix of an off the shoulder that I can’t get enough of and the length was perfect. Funny story though, beware of walking over those metal grates in the city. I walked over one in this dress and had a Marilyn Monroe moment, but it was not cute, it got real awkward real quick.

Now, I may need to go back to my RTR account and purchase this polka dot romper, because it is epppiccccccccc. I don’t think this piece needs much of an explanation. Can be worn on of off the shoulder and a little trick is to be able to wear this for a work look I actually wore high waisted black undergarments to hide the part that has your skin exposed and threw on a jean jacket for a casual Friday vibe. Then on the weekends or after work I wore my usual garments and threw on a pair of heels for a cute girls night out look. I have a hard time finding rompers that fit in the right places and this one is a winner!

Have you guys shopped this brand before?!



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