Yes…those are pants!

I titled this post, “Yes, those are pants!” because 97.6% of the time you all see me in dresses and rarely rocking any type of pant. Well, in celebration of mixing it up I am throwing the ol fashion rule out the door that you should not wear loud prints or colors on areas on your body that you are trying to not draw attention to. Excuse me while I am over here like, “Why?” If you feel great in it, why not where it!

To be honest I can get pretty self conscious about my mid section. But, I drew my focus and energy towards how unique these high waisted wide leg trousers are! No matter if you are a double 00 to a size 28 we all have these little voices in our heads that tell us we can’t wear certain things because oh lordddd what will people think! Well, to be honest…no one looked at me…or cared. They are more focused on scrolling through their phones or eating a delicious acai bowl…I guess I mention that last one because I am getting pretty hungry at the moment.

Ok off my soapbox now on body positivity and let’s chat fashion. I got these gorgeous trousers from my friends at Navabi! I love how they give this bit of a magical illusion. You think it is a maxi skirt and BAM…its pants (Insert an awkward visual of me showing you its pants by doing lunges, twirls, and the running man).

These trousers are perfect for the gal that is not into wearing dresses and skirts…but wants to be. Well, here is your happy medium! You can style it a ton of ways too. Throw on a white crop top and metallic heels with it for a going out look or tuck in a tee and throw on a jean jacket and espadrilles for more casual vibes.

So if you are not feeling these pants, no worries I got you! I did a round up of some of my other favorite pairs below from Navabi with a price point that is super amazing for your spring wardrobe refresh!



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