Eloquii X Jason Wu…Spring Edition!

The past couple of years that I have attended New York Fashion Week (promise this is not another recap) YES it is amazing to be able to get to see the runway shows, I truly feel blessed that I am able to be part of incredible fashion moments and to enjoy the creative spirit of many designers.

On the other hand…the representation of above size 14 women is lacking…I mean really lacking. Yes, the plus industry is making strides, but this is an area that can use a bit (and as in a bit I mean A LOT) of attention. Yes, the models that were coming down the runway were absolutely STUNNING, but I guess I have a hard time understanding why runway shows that feature plus women it is either all plus or maybe just 1 or 2 in a show. Almost like some designers that feature 1-2 women that are above a size 14  it is like “Look at us, we checked off a box…we have a plus woman!” I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand I am like “Yasss work it girl, finally some variety!” then the other side of me starts to feel frustrated like I shouldn’t feel so stunned and excited, above size 14 women should just naturally be part of high fashion culture. How can this change start to happen in the industry?!

Well, I guess a step in the right direction is the emergence of high fashion designers that are collaborating with some of my favorite above size 14 brands to give us looks that could be runway ready! Once again, Jason Wu nails it with his spring collection in collaboration with Eloquii.

You may (or may not) have seen me rocking this emerald power suit on Let’s Talk Live ABC 7 WJLA last month with my girls Dani, Joy, and the gals at Moki Media. Now to share with you guys my other favorite picks that you can sport for your next girls night, Mothers Day outing, winery excursion, or just to wear around your house while vacuuming or something random! Sooooo I couldn’t find the dress I am wearing in my photos online anymore so I am going to do some investigating for you guys and see if it is available in store.

Have you guys tried this collection out?! Also, I want to learn from you all. What changes do you want to see in the high fashion industry?



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