Well Hello There Spring!

I swear I don’t realize how somewhat of a routine life/schedule I have until the time change happens. We spring forward and I feel I am in another dimension like not eating lunch till 2 (believe me I do not skip lunch), taking a week to finally set all my clocks in my house and car to the proper time, and l didn’t realize losing that one hour of sleep kind of did get to me this year! Well, I will be honest though I am totally down to spring forward since that means that warmer weather is closer and it stays lighter out later…yippee! This whole getting dark at 5 pm has been getting pretty old. Yes, I have been that person in her pajamas with bedtime tea at 7 pm…this is 30…wait I mean 31.

So in the spirit of springing forward I wanted to start the conversation about what you guys are wearing this spring? Is it florals, pastels, bold colors, neutrals? Well, if you are sitting there like, “Catherine, I don’t even know if I remembered to put deodorant on this morning, let alone know what my wardrobe will be for the whole season!” Let me meet you half way and introduce you to my friends at Ellos. I am so excited to be collaborating with them once again to share with you all the magic of their Swedish inspired style! I know you guys have heard me chat about Ellos before, but they are totally my go-to for quality basics, but then they pepper in pieces that have really unique prints, textures, and detail!

This blouson-sleeve satin floral top from Ellos is super light in weight and can tuck in perfectly to jeans, a pencil skirt, or even just on its own untucked! I styled this top for more of a night out look, but you know I love a good daytime sequin so I feel like it totally balances out.

So when building your spring wardrobe let’s start from the top and literally work our way down. Check out my Instagram stories (@dreamrealist_) for a round up of favorite tops from Ellos that can pair with anything in your closet and the cost is not too bad either! Stay tuned for more pieces in future posts. Happy almost Spring friends!



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