So I can’t believe this happened because you guys are the first that I share all of my fashion adventures with! Fashion adventures? Yeah, that sounded super lame, ok Fashion Chronicles…sounds better!

Well, if you guys had a chance to check out my Instagram post and stories I was on the WJLA ABC 7 Let’s Talk Live segment about the spring plus size collection from Loft! Plus size collection from Loft you ask in surprise? Why, yes! Oh and even better they have their collections…IN…STORE…yassss! If you love what you saw and want to shop it follow these links for the dress, shoes, belt, and earrings!

So last year I went to the launch event of the plus collection at the LOFT in DC and I did do a try on sesh of all the goodies from dresses to pants and tops. Which brings me to why I am so thankful for being selected to show the DC metro their amazing collection alongside my girls Joy and Dani (which you need to follow ASAP) and it also reminded me that I never did a blog post about these dreamy silky floral wide leg pants!

As all collections evolve over time I was definitely pleased with this collection when it first launched. The colors and prints were perfect and I love that you can build a professional, but still zesty (yes I said zesty) wardrobe all in one place. Best part was it wasn’t just a bunch of oversized tee shirts like how some brands do and they call that plus…ummmm no way! Also, online there is a pretty great selection to choose from. It is so refreshing to also see that you can shop the same tops in XS, S, M, L so we can all enjoy the same looks! I did have to size up though just a piece of advice.

I do not think these pants are still available at Loft unfortunately so I did a round up of some of my favorites from their spring collection they just released! Have you guys shopped this collection, what do you think?!



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