Three cheers for fringe!

Interests include singing karaoke thinking I sound like a rock star (emphasis on thinking I sound like), trying to perfect the art of cutting sweet potatoes without feeling like I am going to chop a finger off, rollerskating and successfully not falling, and shopping at consignment stores to find unique pieces! Ok so I promise this post is not going to about chopping veggies or me singing 9-5 by my girl Dolly. Today we are focusing more on about the adventures of going to boutiques where you can find the pieces that are literally one in a million, but there is a twist to this post.

In a world where we see a lot of pieces of clothing or accessories on social media that everyone has, it is refreshing when you find that one bag or shoe that you don’t see all over Instagram from a local boutique it kind of gives you that happy happy joy joy feeling inside…well at least for me it does!

Now to share with you all the not so happy happy joy joy side of consignment. Finding the unique pieces of clothing that fit for me is very very tricky. Some shops don’t go above a size L or 12. Now if you all have recs of shops where there is a variety of sizes let me know.

When it comes to shoes, purses, and accessories I usually can strike gold! So with my not so much good luck of finding unique pieces I turned to a place that I know that I can find pieces that will make me feel like one in a million. Now I know Eloquii is not a thrift shop or consignment, but I feel like this fringe skirt vibe would be totally a piece you would spot that feels like you will be the only one for miles and miles to be wearing it! In this case though it is fun to see some of my favorite bloggers rocking this skirt too.

Speaking of unique pieces, our last night in NY we shot a couple of photos in Times Square, which was definitely a unique moment I will remember forever! Yes, Times Square is chaotic and crazy, but it was fun to be surrounded by the lights, billboards, and just overall glow of the city. This photo Arielle snapped of me was probably my favorite out of the whole trip and lets be honest this Eloquii metallic jacket helps too!

Tell me about a unique piece you have purchased lately!

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