Day 3-NYFW Recap…the last one I promise!

I am sure you are sitting there enjoying your morning coffee and then a little notification pops up from me in your inbox about my latest blog post! I am also sure that some of you may be thinking, “I swear, if she does one more post about NYFW I am going to flip!” Well, flip away my friends, flip away. I promise this is the last and final post. I have been a major slacker lately since turning 30. Yes, I am blaming turning 30, not that I have poor planning skills. Anywho, here is my recap on our last day in New York which I wish I could take a time machine and relive again, but maybe minus the rain and the frizz level that my hair took on.

This last day was my favorite because we were able to pack in 3 shows! We started off the morning at Dan Liu, which if you guys remember last year at his spring/summer collection the models had peacock feathers on their eyebrows strutting down the runway, which was insaaaaanely cool. This year was a 007 theme, which I loved the vintage esque vibes that were super chic.


After the show we took a quick coffee run and then met the amazing and talented Maxey Greene. She is this total babe who models and is a photographer, I mean what a dream! We shot with her in Soho and let me tell you she made me feel like a million dollas. She posed me at angles that really brought out the details in my look and personality. My main photo in the post is all her magical work!

Then we headed to Helen Anthony’s show, which was a collection filled with unisex looks. I loved how each piece could seriously be worn or styled for either gender. This prints and color scheme was so on point too. Ugh! So sorry these photos are all so blurry! I took a ton of videos that you can see on my story highlights on Instagram though.

After that we headed to Ex-Mermaid. Now talk about a glimpse into what my dreams looks like sometimes with amazing neons colors and unique details to each piece that felt like it told a story, seriously fantastic! Also, I loved how they brought out all the looks first, then each model came out individually.

Once fashion week was a wrap we attempted to be cool and go party it up, but yeah that only lasted a couple of hours and to be honest I think Dani and I were both more excited about pizza and sleep. Ok that’s a wrap…until next time NYFW!



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