Day 2: NYFW Recap!

You know when you have that little tingle in the back of your throat and you think to yourself, oh I’ll be fine I am sure it is just allergies. Welp, I was wrong. On Day 2 of my adventures in NY for NYFW I awoke to what felt like itty bitty razor blades in my throat. The dramatic NOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then dropping to my knees to then be sobbing on the floor in fetal position was pretty much the image in my head when I realized I was getting sick. With a lot of tea and trying to hydrate as much as I could I was like nope this is not going to ruin my weekend. So I slapped on some red lipstick and out the door we went!

Day 2 actually started off with meeting with the amazing babes from Eloquii! During our meeting I asked the gals in a very touristy sounding fashion “Sooooo have do you guys see celebs like on a daily basis!?!” As they are listing off the names I am like, “Geeze! I have never seen anyone famous!” Wait, I lied I ran into Christian Siriano once #fangirlmoment! Anyways, after we finished our coffees and were walking out one of the gals whispers to me, “literally Jason Biggs was sitting behind you the entire time” So I turn around and what do you know, he was right behind us chatting with friends! Ummm hello Catherine, open your eyes girlfriend!

After our coffee date we headed over to meet with Sylvia the designer of Sika Collection. It is a size 10+ luxury dress collection, which is seriously to die for! Such amazing stitchwork, patterns, and material that is oh so flattering filled her showroom so Dani and I of course had to spend a moment with each amazing piece!


So the one place on my must see list was Pietro NoLita. You guys this place needs no explanation at all. The interior totally speaks for itself! With the head to toe pink and delicious menu options, which were also the perfect portion size. I splurged and had the egg sandwhich which also came with a fresh side salad, which I totally recommend. Also, the owner saw my friend Dani’s Instagram stories she posted while we were there and he came over and introduced himself, so nice!  Also, the whole staff was so amazing and we had awesome customer service.


Then Dani did an Instragram takeover at the most feminist style store on earth, Bulletin! This place is seriously filled with so many little things that you will ooo and ahhhh and oh year girl over! I loved how raw and real they were with their messages on their apparel, jewelry, and more. Head to their Instagram to see what I mean!


After that we headed to the launch party of the Sika Collection, we just can’t get enough of them! It was in such an amazing space with live music, great foods, and of course champs! I had an opportunity to try on the collection myself, which of course I fell in love with the pastel pink and floral number. I also had the chance to meet so many amazing local NY bloggers, models, and more!


We were so exhausted at the end of the night so we just strolled around by our hotel and just tried our chances at whatever places were open. So we stumbled across this place called 1803 that has hot pink and palm tree wallpaper and a live swing band. Then before I knew it the bar tender gave me beads and I was like wait this feels like New Orleans and what do you know it was a Mardi Gras themed bar, so fun! Also, I was in convo with Dani and I said, “You know I have never been to a burlesque show before I would love to go to one sometime.” Then the lead of the band comes on the mic and says everyone  I would like you to give a warm welcome to GiGi La Femme and then BAM a burlesque dancer pops out and gives us a show! Ok NY you must be reading my mind or something.

Phew what a day and stay tuned for Day 3 which was filled with shows and also an almost wardrobe malfunction, stay tuned!

Main photo credit- Maxey Greene



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