Day One: NYFW Recap!

Why is it when I am on 4 hours of sleep and at work I am sooooo draggy, but when I am on a trip with four hours of sleep I am acting like I can take on the world and run a marathon? Well, that was definitely the case for me this past week as I was so lucky to go to New York for NYFW for some of the runway shows!

Now I know my posts are about fashion on a budget so me posting about high end fashion you may be sitting there thinking, “Girl what the whatttttt,” but I will say I see these fashion shows as a total work of art. So I want to use the street style and the runway looks that I got to see as inspiration to be brought into my looks I will share with you all in these next couple of months, but obviously more affordable.

So to start I saw so much fur in terms of street style of so many stylish people heading from show to show. There are so many amazing options from short to long or bright colors that pop! I took this trend for a spin and did a black fur from Ellos, which was super warm and I felt really cool in…P.S. I am the farthest thing from cool…but I am sure you guys already knew that.

So I decided to do a day by day recap of my time in NY instead of a long and drawn out post. My girl Dani of Blonde in the District, and I once again took the oh so classy Megabus at 6 am (good lord that is early) and got downtown around 10 am.  After feeling like I needed an IV of coffee we checked into the the Frederick Hotel. This hotel was really nice, wonderful staff, and really adorable rooms! Since we woke up soooo early we were super hungry and of course a greasy spoon restaurant and a bloody mary sounded delish, but reality was with no sleep a meal on the healthier side was the better choice. So we came across this little place called Mulberry & Vine. It was basically the Chipotle style of clean eating. They had veggie and protein bowls and of course wine in a can. I am sure the inventor of wine in a can is literally a bazillionare living on their own island somewhere.

After that we freshened up and headed to our first show, Lanyu! This collection was so beautiful with ready to wear looks, which I really loved. Next up was Pamella Rowland. Now this show was literally like seeing my fashion dreams come to life! Beautiful gowns with intricate beadwork and the color scheme was on point. Oh and Nigel Barker was sitting front row across from where I was, ahhhh total fangirl moment!

Then we had a little snack break at this neon crazy and adorable bakery called Supermoon. Just go to their Instagram, no need to explain any further. Then we ended the night with drinks at this little bar called Nurse Bettie, which is this pin up girl vintage style bar. It totally cracked me up that one of their drink options was a Miller Light and a wells shot. I mean for a second I was like wait am I back in the Midwest?

So here are a couple of photos from my camera roll that I took during the day. Stay tuned for Day 2 this week!

Outfit details: Top & Coat Ellos | Joggers NY & Company | Booties Asos | Bag Current Boutique | Earrings Baublebar


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