Chatting Amazon Fashion!

The 1 am trance of Instagram stories, sound familiar? Yes, it is a place that I am sure we have all been in one way or another. Usually after these stories I sit there thinking about how “Oh I should travel to this place” or “Oh I should try that restaurant.” More recently though I was seeing all of these posts about Amazon Fashion. Usually my Amazon purchases have been socks and fitted sheets and I was totally clueless that clothing was even an option to explore or how great of quality the pieces could be. Now that there is same day shipping & prime shopping  for clothing online with Amazon makes total sense since it can be delivered so quickly!

Also, I can’t remember if I told you guys but I am going to NY and wanted to find a bootie that is stylish and can be worn out and about without my ankles feeling like they are going to fall off. The ones I have in my main photo are the ones that I snagged and I can’t wait to show you guys how I styled them, but you will have to stay tuned. Especially the 70% of you who voted that they were not feeling this bootie on my poll on Insta stories. I am determined to change your mind! On the other hand maybe I won’t and we can just still remain BFF’s and wear our matching BFF bracelets…too far? I agree. I also rounded up for you guys some of my top favorite embroidered finds for under $50 below!

Have any of you guys shopped Amazon fashion? How did you like it?



Rannel 07 Women's Floral Embroidered Ankle Bootie  FN23 Women's Side Zipper Stacked Heel Embroidered Floral Ankle BootiesSpringfield' Floral Embroidered Chunky Heel Ankle Booties FJ59 Women's Chunky High Heel Floral Embroidery Ankle Booties Women Embroidered Block Heel Bootie - Low Chunky Heel Ankle Boot - Floral Trend Dressy Versatile Fashion Bootie - HD27 by Qupid Collection

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